A Leap Forward at the Start of 2012!

Excitement is building in our campaign to achieve World Heritage Listing of the “Royal Reserves” – that is, the trio of Royal National Park and its adjacent Heathcote National Park and Garawarra State Recreation Area.

The immediate stimulus comes from completion of the draft of our comprehensive Mosley Report, drafted by Dr Geoff Mosley, . . . → Read More: A Leap Forward at the Start of 2012!

Organising to Hasten a Result

Uloola Falls, RNP. Photograph: Phil Smith

Support for World Heritage Listing of Royal National Park (RNP) continues to widen – confronting leaders of the campaign with great expectations of a not-too-distant decision, first by the Australian Government, second by the United Nations agency UNESCO.

Special visit to Sydney. Dr Geoff Mosley, leading authority . . . → Read More: Organising to Hasten a Result

The Push for Royal Recognition: Many Forces FOR – and One AGAINST

In just one year, the campaign for World Heritage Listing (WHL) has attracted wide support, has raised the money it will need, and has made strides towards its goal of recognition by the world.

In a major stride, it has secured the services of Australia’s top authority on national parks: Dr Geoff Mosley will . . . → Read More: The Push for Royal Recognition: Many Forces FOR – and One AGAINST

The Royal Campaign Widens

How easily simplicity vanishes! When we first looked at Royal a year ago as “First National Park” we thought that said it all. But now we’ve looked more deeply and we glimpse a more complex, richer picture.

While there’s no doubt ours is this continent’s first dedicated national park (1879), thoughtful supporters have asked . . . → Read More: The Royal Campaign Widens

Advances in Our Campaign

With the campaign enjoying unanimous expressions of support, we sent our reps to inspect the official books that won the day for World Heritage Listing of the Blue Mountains National Park (in 1998). This was instructive.

Major report. The key BMNP report was written by Dr Geoff Mosley, the recognised authority on Australia’s many . . . → Read More: Advances in Our Campaign

Ours was Indeed FIRST!

You are wrong if you follow the myth that Yellowstone was the world’s first modern national park with our Royal coming later. Here’s the truth – that our National Park predated mighyt Yellowstone by several years.

First ‘National’. While Yellowstone was one of a number of ’State’ or other regional parks by the 1870s, . . . → Read More: Ours was Indeed FIRST!