World spread of National Parks

Yes, our Royal was undoubtedly the first dedicated national park in Australia AND, we can claim, first in the world.

But, instead of being brashly nationalistic about this claim, let’s try more maturely to fit Australia’s achievement into the great world movement for national parks in the 19th century.

In other words, let’s make . . . → Read More: World spread of National Parks

Ours was Indeed FIRST!

You are wrong if you follow the myth that Yellowstone was the world’s first modern national park with our Royal coming later. Here’s the truth – that our National Park predated mighyt Yellowstone by several years.

First ‘National’. While Yellowstone was one of a number of ’State’ or other regional parks by the 1870s, . . . → Read More: Ours was Indeed FIRST!

Four Great Features of Our RNP

The campaign, launched in March, to achieve UN “World Heritage Listing” is gathering learned papers on the very special features of our Royal National Park. Here, broadly, are 4 areas of that specialness.

First! Beyond question, the RNP’s founding as “National Park” in 1879 made it the first such park on the mighty continent . . . → Read More: Four Great Features of Our RNP

Let’s Tell the World!

This year, 2010, becomes itself historic – for launching the campaign that is determined to win World Heritage Listing by the United Nations of our historic Royal National Park.

Historic! It was in 1879, less than a hundred years after Sydney’s foundation, that a small group of farsighted citizens persuaded New South Wales MPs . . . → Read More: Let’s Tell the World!