Nature’s Treasure within Modern City

Movement launched to achieve World Heritage Listing of Royal National Park

On 11 March 2010 a community initiative officially announced the start of a movement “to achieve World Heritage Listing by the United Nations of our incredibly unique Royal National Park” – launched at a meeting in Sutherland Shire Council Chambers.

The meeting advanced four areas of CRITERIA:

First. This is indisputably the first “national park” in Australia (1879). Also the first nature reserve to use the term “National Park” on a world scale (a few years ahead of mighty Yellowstone in the US). It initiated Australia’s conservation movement.

Unique. Probably the only national park in the world contained within a major city, it not only exhibits “superlative natural phenomena” but also preserves much Aboriginal heritage.

Diverse. Its biodiversity is among the highest in the world, including a host of plant and bird species and a surprising range of landforms.

Benefits. It offers that increasingly prized but rare treasure, a wilderness area. And World Listing will enhance the power to retain its uniqueness in the face of aggressive urbanisation. Already RNP has achieved recognition by the Australian Government and we must now make the case for World Listing by the UN.

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First National Park operates as a sub-committee of Sutherland Shire Environment Centre Inc.