A Cause for Celebration! This is Our 4th Birthday!

Victory Ahead but still Years Ahead

Yes, it was in April 2010, that we launched the campaign for World Heritage Listing of Royal National Park by the UN’s UNESCO. We knew it would take some years to prepare a proper application and to garner the support of both State and Federal Governments. But in our naive enthusiasm, we did not know How Many Years.

We were cautioned by Alex Colley of the Colong Foundation for Wilderness that it had taken 15 years of campaigning to win WHL for the Blue Mountains. This was the legendary Alex Colley who has recently died at 104!

In a long letter to us, the Federal and State Environment Ministers, having pledged support for the campaign, point out that the Listing process could take until June 2018. Which will of course stretch our patience!

Love the Park, Use the Park! While we await the big decision, we will encourage use of the Royal. Already it attracts 4 million visitors a year. Now, to achieve more informed use, the marvellous Field Guide to Royal National Park is available. This gloriously illustrated 170-page book by the all-volunteer Linnean Society can be obtained (cheaply) by mail from PO Box 82, Kingsford 2032, for $14.95 plus $3 postage.

A Great Trip Around the Park. For several years, authoritative Les Bursill has run quarterly trips around the Park, visiting Aboriginal sites and much else. We highly recommend these trips. For details, ring Les, 4422 0768. A memorable day is guaranteed.

Amazing Discovery by Historians? A group of historian, including Judith Carrick who has written a history of RNP, has combined to explore early (1879) conditions in the Park. To their astonishment they have found a wealth of the earliest artefacts: the original survey pegs and many of the original fencing posts, not to mention military relics from frequent early military uses of the Park.

Hunting in National Parks “a Bad Idea”. We applaud an editorial in the Sydney Morning Herald, 14 March 2014, which says that the NSW State Government’s recent decision to trial amateur shooting in 12 “remote” national parks is a bad idea, likely to lead to “a small minority” shooting dangerously. That appears already to have happened, with John Healey finding a bullet hole in his dining room window which has left him scared to get on the tractor he uses to work his 45 hectare Colo Heights property.

Great Step to Alerting Against Radiation. Early March has seen a remarkable move to alert public and governments for the first time to the dangers of rapidly increasing radiation. Lyn McLean of Sylvania, who recently questioned the building of a mobile phone tower 600 metres inside Royal National Park, has launched a freely available international publication “EMR and Health”, which will reach thousands of interested parties. You can access this impressive 12-page quarterly at www.emraustralia.com.au

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