The Royal: What’s special for me?

What’s Special for Me?

I had the universe to myself this morning. Blue sky, a multitude of butterflies and birds, including Black Cockatoos. A freshwater creek to die for. Shade and a good book.

The Royal affords me a chance to wander and ponder in the silence and beauty of its bush. A bush that is scraggly and untidy, yet familiar and immensely interesting. I am not a botanist or biologist or a scientist of any kind, but I notice both the similarities and the differences of what I see. And I keep looking closer to notice more of the same…or of the difference, as the case may be.

I walk on the Park’s western edge 3 or 4 times a week. It is space for filling myself with ideas and wonder as much as it is a space for letting stuff go. Sometimes quickly, sometimes leisurely, I walk myself into physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I gather thoughts and re-gather myself and I strengthen my connection with others in the natural world.

This Park is my place. In it, I have special places: my Ron tree, a tree stump where I remember an old friend who died in January 2010… he also used to walk there – we talked a lot; a feather tree, where I place found feathers in honour of the birds whose flight and sound fill the air; my grass-tree rocks for slow contemplation; a tree and a rock that remind me of time spent in the bush with my family; and a spot off to the side of one of the tracks where I drop a pebble and reflect on what it is to build good relationships.

This western edge is very familiar territory. Another home.I feel especially lucky when I walk in the heat of summer middays and the rain on any day – being out in those elements heightens the whole experience.

Phil Smith

27 November 2010

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