Progress Towards World Heritage Listing

Here’s a brief account of actions thus far in the Campaign for World Heritage Listing launched on 11 March 2010 by a meeting held in Sutherland Shire Council Chambers.

  • The Campaign aims to persuade the Commonwealth Government to take up the issue and then make an appeal to the United Nations’ relevant committee, UNESCO. RNP is already listed as a protected heritage by the NSW State Government. We will embrace this as a base and add to it.
  • We have widely publicised four great features of the Royal: (1) that it was indeed the world’s first “National Park”, set aside on 26 April 1879, preceding mighty Yellowstone (1883) in the United States; (2) that RNP is in many ways unique, not least for its location within a major city; (3) that it exhibits extraordinary diversity of plants, animals, rock and soil types, not to mention wonderful views; (4) that Royal’s pioneer status and natural riches make it the respected leader for all other parks on the Australian continent.
  • The Campaign has written to six Australian universities and other institutions inviting learned studies of the Park. Three have so far responded.
  • Campaign leaders have been interviewed by radio station 2SSR. Other stations will be approached. Major articles have appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald and St George and Sutherland Shire Leader.
  • Bob Crombie is negotiating with the eminent team of wildlife photographers, Stanley and Kaisa Breeden, for production of a major coffee-table-size book on the Park, which will feature its remarkable biodiversity. A First-in-Australia new photo technique will produce a book deservedly called “stunning”.
  • Botanist Alan Fairley’s book, Discovering Royal National Park on Foot, has been gifted to all members of Sutherland Shire Environment Centre (and can be purchased online
  • To keep in touch with the Campaign, please send your email address to

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